Nina: Witch of Trouble ♥

3:07 PM

I've been having this dilemma lately. I don't know if I should continue my Nina series on Wattpad. Some people say that anything that has to do with witchcraft is against my religion, so I was really having a hard time deciding. But then, I realized that if I made some minor changes, it wouldn't be that bad. Besides, I'm not promoting witchcraft or something like that. And I know the fact that the Lord knows my .

I made the story when I was in third year highschool. It was actually the "first" comic book that I made (well, it wasn't really the first one, since I've been making my own mangas way back in grade school. I just considered Nina to be the "first" since it was the first one that I exerted extra effort creating. It was also the first one to reach 200+ pages, and the first one to be book-bound.) Since I don't really let other people read it (because I'm not that confident with my drawings), I decided to write the story on Wattpad. Hehe!

The story goes like this: Nina, a 15-year-old-exiled-blacksheep-of-a-powerful-family-of-witches, is a die-hard fan of the school band's lead guitarist, Erik. After seeing a lot of fangirls and possible "threats" on her love-life, she decided to create a magical sandwich that contains her hand-made love potion. While making her delicious recipe for the love of her life, her gluttonous childhood bestfriend came up and secretly ate the delicious treat....... and the story goes on. Haha 

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