I Bleed Sapphire Blue ♥

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            I wasn’t really interested in K-pop… until Summer of 2010. I was an incoming fourth year Communication student having my internship for a magazine in Quezon City. We need to comply our 300-hour training during the whole summer season that year, and it is when my life as a fangirl started.

            My Park Shin-Hye look-a-like classmate, who was also spending her intern at the same company, is a k-popper. During lunch time, she would always insist that I watch Super Junior Full House. At first I was really hesitant and I don’t understand why she was hooked with SJ and Kpop. BUT… I finally realized what the fuss is all about after watching it.

image source: forums.allkpop.com

Having 13 members, I can barely remember the names of each Super Junior members. Kibum, being a total cutie (and the bias of my other friend), is the only one that I can remember that time. And like other typical teenage girls, I was also smitten by the charms of the individual members… especially Lee Donghae. He caught my attention right away, when he playfully introduced himself using a soccer ball… he’s just soooooo cuuuuteee. A total sweetheart. ♥ 

Of course at first he caught my attention because of his looks, but after days of researching and “stalking” him on the internet, he also caught my heart. Of all the members, he is the one that I am most similar with. We both love dogs, we’re both childish, we’re both playful, we like soccer… and most of all, I can also feel his pain. I also lost my dad when I was in high school and somehow, I know what it feels like to wish that your dad would be there on the front seat and watch you perform and see him smile and cheer you on and tell you that he’s proud of you. Anyway, Lee Donghae is just… lovable. [I’m speechless. Hahahahha]

The only thing that I regret is that I wasn’t an ELF when SS2 was held in the Philippines. Our office is just one jeepney ride away from Smart Araneta Coliseum! There are huge posters/ tarpaulins of other members in a nearby mall that I just pass through, and I didn’t even bother to stop and stare and admire them. Urgghh. And on the day of the concert, while everyone was spazzing, there I am talking to myself “what’s the big deal?” ---what’s the big deal huh? Ngayon nanghihinayang ka, loka.

Anyway, after months of being an ELF, I also managed to convince that friend of mine (yes, the Kibum-biased friend I was talking about earlier) to also watch SJFH. And boom! Of course, she was also addicted to SJ. She’s even more addicted than me. She would spend sleepless nights just to download the latest videos of SJs. After her relationship with Kibum, she then ended up marrying Cho Kyuhyun. Okay, I’m exaggerating.

And after influencing her, she influenced another friend of ours. This other friend of ours (Hyukjae-biased), ended up watching SS3 Manila. The three of us would go to Mrs. Cho’s house to watch the latest videos while eating kimchi fried rice. We even celebrated Kyuhyun’s birthday, can you believe it? Okay. The SJ virus had spread amongst us. Hahahahaha~

I’m really happy that I belong to this fandom. There was this one time when I went to the supermarket, I happened to see a girl wearing the same ELF shirt that I was wearing. We smiled at each other and said “uy!” as if we know each other. Normal girls would be irritated if they saw someone wearing the same outfit, but fangirls would be excited to see someone from the same fandom. BWAHAHA.

Anyway, even though I’m not an active fangirl as before, I will always be proud of my boys… [our boys pala haha, sareeeh]. I will support them, and keep on bleeding sapphire blue until it dominates the world. Fighting! ^^

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