Impacts and Realizations...

4:05 PM


This year is like a fast train on a railway for me and I have to admit that I've been very busy to take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy life. To be honest, I wouldn't have realized that until I had this accident last Thursday night. I was crossing the highway when a motorcycle hit me. When I try to look back with what happened that night, it all happened so fast that I couldn't even believe that I just had an accident. Thank God I only had minor bruises on my body and no broken ribs or fractured bones. All thanks to this protective gear called fats. Jk! Lol.


When I was being rushed to the hospital, there was only one thing on my mind: God. I thought "dyan tayo magaling eh. Pag kailangan lang, tsaka natin Siya naaalala. Pag mamamatay na, dun mo lang mare-realize kung gaano ka naging pasaway." I prayed, "Lord, wag lang talaga ma-damage yung internal organs ko, magpapakatino na 'ko." O diba, praning to the highest level. I have to admit that I've been a very bad girl and I almost forgot, or rather ignored, Him this year, letting myself drift further away from Him.

It was a miracle that I didn't have major injuries in the accident. If you'll look at me, you wouldn't think that I was hit by a motorcycle three days ago. I couldn't walk normally and can't laugh that hard without feeling a small amount of pain in my ribs, but I'm totally fine. I felt that I was protected during the accident. I felt that the accident was actually a blessing in disguise. The accident shook me and actually gave me the chance to rest and reflect on how I have lived my fast-paced life. 


Sometimes, we need these impacts for us to realize things that are important. I've mentioned earlier that my life is like a fast train this year. Maybe I needed this impact for me to stop and actually take my course slowly so that I may enjoy this journey called life to its fullest.     

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