Running Out of Pages ♥

2:11 PM

Finally, after a long hiatus I'm back with a new entry!!!

It's been a month since Oreo (uhm, my laptop's name HAHA) gave up on me. And since having my movie-marathon-ritual is impossible, I decided to turn my attention back to my first love: arts.

I have always loved drawing. But after graduating from college, I've always been preoccupied with work (and badminton... and soccer... and Game of Thrones... and Korean dramas... and Clash of Clans, and...  many, many more. HAHA!). So after a long time of desertion, here I am (with arms wide open) ready to embrace the polychromatic realm of ze arts.

Actuallyyyy, it's a self portrait. Haha. I chose gray hair because I have a lot of wisdom growing out of my head~ 

Chibi self-portrait~

I drew this after our intense soccer training. We practiced juggling before having our scrimmage~

The main characters of my "LATEST" (as in super late na sa sobrang tagal ko ng ginagawa at hindi ko matapos-tapos) manga. If you're curious about its story line, you may visit my wattpad page and read it from there~

After our soccer training again... felt the need to wear armor. HAHAHA.

I just love the pink and brown color combination, so...~

I've tried other media (e.g.  watercolor, oil pastel, charcoal) before, but I decided to stick with color pencils since I'm most comfortable with it. And as they say, "it's never too late to try new things," so this time, I decided to step out from my comfort zone and experiment with watercolor...

First attempt with watercolor. Mukha namang okay? HAHA.

This one's supposed to be a pre-colonial Filipina standing in front of a rice field, but she looked like an engkanto instead.

Uhh.... HAHA. 

Chibi watercolor version of Sydney Francisco (manga character)~

After a series of epic-fail 'splatter-technique' attempts, I've decided to paint a Cherry Blossoms Tree the Tini-way. :)

I just love how my starry-night painting turned out. ♥♥♥

To be honest, I was really frustrated when Oreo broke down because I consider watching movies as the ultimate stress reliever (besides Beni, of course). But then, drawing/watercolor-ing is still more effective since you are able to express your emotions and release all the stress of the day. Remember, the best art works always come from the heART. ♥

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