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“Konting kembot na lang, bakasyon na!!!”—this line has been my motivation to keep going until the last remaining working days of 2015. And to gather a little more strength to survive this year, I decided to look back and reminisce the highlights of this year:


16. AISAS Induction of New Members~ The Association of IRRI Secretaries and Administrative Staff (AISAS) has always held a special place in my mom's heart during her long years of service at IRRI. Let me make one thing clear: I didn't join the organization to continue her legacy nor become the next "SRA". I joined it because I believe that AISAS will help me grow in my career. As of now, I'm not really that active in the organization yet, but I know that one day, I will be able to contribute significantly in this new family.

At the Induction Ceremony of AISAS held last January 16, 2015

16. AFSTRI Cultural Night~ This event was originally scheduled last December 2014. If I remember it correctly, there was heavy rain (caused by a typhoon, idk) during that time so it was moved to this date. My partner wanted to have something "unique" with our performance so she decided to wear Barong Tagalog instead of wearing a Filipiniana. We were representing the Philippines, so we performed two Filipino songs: Payapang Daigdig and... One Hit Combo (YAS! PNE's One Hit Combo) and we definitely nailed it!

RBG and I performing Payapang Daigdig. IDK why we don't have any pictures of our One Hit Combo performance... :|


17. Family Reunion~ I can barely remember the last time that the whole family had a reunion like this. My Tito and Tita finally had the time to visit us here in the Philippines after many years of living in the US. I had to take a two-day vacation leave and I realized something during that short period of time... I'm a certified workaholic. Office issues hunt in me my dreams and I had to wake up in the middle of the night just to send an e-mail. O diba.

Ze Roques~

M A R C H 

4. The Re-Birth of my Football "Career"~ I was first introduced to football when I was in high school. Being a South Hillian, there was this pressure to learn football which is considered to be the national sport of every academic institutions in the area. The sports that I play back then was badminton and basketball, but eventually, I also learned to appreciate football when I was in 4th year high school. I thought it was a little too late for my football "career", until I joined the IRRI Women's Football Team! 

Rain or shine!!!

A P R I L 

9-11. Ilocos Trip~ Asdfghjkl!!! Probably the best highlight (best na, highlight pa??!! Exxage~) of this year. I finally had the chance to visit the number 1 travel destination (local) on my bucket list...

Read my Ilocos travel diary here.

My favorite candid shot for all times~


11-12. PAB Audit~ Finally, after a series of document reviews and preparations, our laboratory was finally re-assessed by the Philippine Accreditation Bureau. And thank God, all of our efforts were not put into waste as all of the test parameters that we applied for were approved for accreditation. 

This photo was taken during our photoshoot~

16. Bato Spring Outing~ To formally end the hell weeks months, we decided to unwind by visiting Bato Spring at San Pablo City... 

The Invaders: GQNSL staff and some of the lab's previous OJTs

23. Ate Arlene's Wedding~ I grew up spending my school breaks/ summer vacations at Bulacan, my father's hometown. That's why I developed a strong bond with my ninang and my kinakapatid. I am so happy that I got the chance to witness the beginning of her forever...

The gorgeous bride...


12-14. Aurora Trip~ I celebrated the Independence Day at my college friend's province, Aurora, together with my two other classmates from Letran. Finally after years of planning, we were able to push through with this trip. Read my Aurora travel diary here.

Beach, please.


16. Pru-Life Cup~ My first official football game~~~ 

PRU-Life Cup: my first tourney with the kIRRIs. Hindi pa nga kIRRIs ang official team name namin nun eh.


18. Awarding of GQNSL's Certificate of Re-accreditation~ Definitely one of the biggest challenges on my career for this year. Organizing an event is tiring and stressful indeed. But despite all that, I was able to find fulfillment with what I did because the outcome was successful. I was able to showcase my hidden talents and my supervisors acknowledged my hard work.

Emceeing the Awarding of GQNSL's New Certificate of Re-accreditation


21. IRRI Barbeque Party~ This was definitely a highlight since this is the first time I was able to get a groufie with ze DG. 

Generation Y (uhmm... sige na nga. Majority naman ay Generation Y) with IRRI's Director General

25. Labay Cup~ First time to have a picnic at Baker, chos. Haha! 

Ladies, ilabas ang barbecue at crispy pata!!

26. Despedidas~ A month full of goodbyes, October that is. Can you believe that in just one day, I attended three despedidas? 

Despedida no.1: After 40 years of working at IRRI, she's finally ready to embrace a retiree's life. Good luck, mom. :)

Despedida no.2; We performed Material Girl by Madonna at Tita Ely's despedida. For booking, just dial x2388. Chos. HAHAHA!

Despedida no.3: one of my closest friends from my previous department also began a new chapter on her career. Go go go Shieshie!! 

N O V E M B E R 

13. Costume Football~ To celebrate the Halloween, we decided to have a costume football. I was originally planning on wearing the dress I used for our cosplay back in college but I ended up being Barney instead.  

Pinaka-favorite kong costume talaga yung grapes costume ni Ate Olen. HAHA~


10. Ate Reah's Despedida~ Videoke-ing has never been this fun. Don't get me wrong guyth. I'm not happy because my officemate is leaving,  but rather I am thrilled because we were able to hang out with new friends.

Mandatory groufie every time a new guest arrives

11. Hats Off: The 2015 IRRI-wide Year End Party~ This is the first IRRI-wide Year-end/ Christmas Party that I was able to attend. And if I wasn't lucky enough, I won a gift certificate from Max's!!! ♥

GQNC's Cats with the DG... and photobombed by Tony L!! :)

12. Flickers Mini Tournament and Christmas Party~ After a very looooooonnnggg email thread, we were finally able to hold our mini tournament and Christmas Party. I am so glad that even if we didn't have glamorous prizes, everyone still gave their best to this tourney.

Haggard players~

14. ANYARESAYOO?!! The 2015 GQNC Year-end Party~ To celebrate our last year as a unit, GQNC held a K-pop/J-pop themed Year-end/ Christmas party.

Double thumbs up for the Anyaresayoo Committee!!

Sareeh, I just really have to post this haggard-free photo of us before the event. HAHA. Hindi pa pinapanganak si Alyas Baby Boy~~

True to the quote that I always encounter on Facebook, 2015 is really the most challenging and stressful (so far), and I know that this is only the beginning. In this world full of uncertainties, you have to be fully equipped with confidence... and don't forget the heart, chos. HAHA. (Miss Universe???!!) So 2016, I'm ready for you!

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