Running Out of Pages... part 2 ♥

11:53 AM


Sharing my artworks since I finally reached the last page of my sketch watercolor pad. 

Winter... (Ah basta si Winter yan!!! Hahahahha) She's supposed to look cold-hearted but I can't seem to draw her right. 

Spring~ This one lacks details, I know. HAHA.


Practicing the splatter technique~

Messy is art... 

Love ze hair. Kaso hindi masyadong kita yung details. First time to try unipin. HOHO~

Actually, fashion illustration to dapat. HAHA. Pero hindi talaga ako magaling sa ganon. I'll take this as a challenge. 

Another unfinished attempt...

Practiced drawing anime eyes~

Actually, I used Stabilo to color the hair. I sketched this at the office (during lunch break) so I had to use what was available~ 

Practice, practice, practice. 

Archer (Clash of Clans). Quick doodle while waiting for my troops. 

Drew something different. 



Same old style. Haha. The last page. 

Thanks for dropping by!

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