2:38 PM

Hi guys! Time flies so fast that I barely realized that it's already the last day of October. To be honest, I didn't really had the time to doodle that much, all thanks to that horror called life, jk. Hehe. 

While thinking of what to draw, a very familiar collection of blue soft- and hard-bound books covered with a thin coat of dust and spider web (haha huhu) on the shelf caught my attention. The nostalgic feels gave me an idea of my first and last post for #inktober.


Nina (2016)

Let me introduce you to Nina, my first ever manga character. Reading this manga again not only takes me to Nina's magical world, but also in 2005 when I was still on my third year in high school. 

I feel really happy whenever I look at my little works of art as it also contain my precious memories of the time when I was making them. It reflects my inner thoughts and maybe my hidden desires as well of how I want my life to be?? C'mon. I was fifteen back then, lol. Naniniwala pa 'ko sa forever noon HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.

Nina (2005)

2016 vs 2005

I'm glad that I was able to pressure myself in doodling something for Inktober. It gave me a reason to pause for a little while and remember the simple things that used to make me happy when I was fifteen. 

P.S. You might be wondering what "jempang" means. I'm not really sure either haha! I think it means papansin (someone who wants attention) or the like. A word invented by my batchmates that only we could understand. Haaay, fifteen truly is an age of creativity. <3

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