Babysitter Diaries 101 ♥

10:33 PM

Christmas is truly in the air as parties and social gatherings come simultaneously to celebrate the birth of our King and Savior, Jesus Christ. With parties celebrated side by side, I also realized that this is also the season for babysitting.

My mom and I work at the same institute and today is our last day of work for 2013. Since this is the last day, they will celebrate their Christmas Party somewhere in Quezon City so she will be coming home late. This is the reason why she asked me to look after my niece, until she comes home later tonight.

I arrived at home at around 7:30 pm, since I had to work out [you know… to prepare for the great CHEAT WEEK. Lol~] My brother immediately left as soon as I arrived and gave me the responsibility of taking care of his daughter since he has some very important ‘engagements’ to attend to.

Anyway, this is actually the first time that I was left alone with my four-year old niece. Aside from her, I also have to take care of my Beni, my eight year-old Golden Retriever which I consider as my son. So after eating dinner and washing the dishes, I fed my Beni and cleaned up his territory before starting my babysitting duty.

I saw the bottles filled with water and the milk container that was probably prepared earlier by the people at home. It was funny because my niece was the one instructing me.

Me: Is this mineral water? Do I just put the milk here directly?
Alexa: Yes. Blahblahblah [instructing me]…
Me: Is the milk on the first container enough?
Alexa: It’s enough. You have to shake it.

After preparing her milk, we went to my mom’s room. She was watching TV and drinking her milk while I “immediately” took a bath. After my evening and ‘before bedtime’ ritual, she asked me to put diaper on her.

My immediate reaction was:

How on earth do you put a diaper??!  

Okay. So I got the diaper and looked at it. And like earlier, she also instructed me how to put it. She lied down and I tried to put it on her just like how it is done on TV commercials. I don’t know exactly the reason why but the diaper strap doesn’t seem to fit her waist. I even asked her to get up. It took us 5 minutes to finally put the diaper on.

I was somehow thankful because the situation is putting a diaper on and not changing a diaper. I might just die if that was the situation. HEHEHE

Anyway, I realized something during that “ordeal”: that I’m still immature (?). Immature in a way that I’m not yet ready to have my own family. HAHAHAHA. Or maybe I’m just too stupid for not knowing the basics? Which is which? Lol~

It’s really funny though. A four year-old teaching her twenty two year-old aunt how to prepare milk and put a diaper on a baby.

While I am writing this post, my niece is already sleeping beside me, and here I am waiting for my mom. Hihihi~ 

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