The Search for the Ultimate KDrama Boyfriend ♥

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Aside from counting the days left before 2013 ends and instead of grumbling about the typical Pinoy teleserye, I decided to blog about KDramas. Maiba naman, hehe.

This blog is about boyfriend-material KDrama fictional characters that almost stole my heart away.

Disclaimer: this post may be biased since we all have different tastes when it comes to our ‘ideal man’~

                7. Goo Jun-pyo, Boys Over Flowers

He can be stubborn and irritable to other people, but he can be sweet, loveable, and child-like to the person he loves. He has a totally different personality between other people and Jan Di. He will make you feel special every single day. He also has a very weird sense of humor, which I think is adorable. He is also child-like and always wants to get the attention of the girl he likes. He wants to be loved, and if you’re the girl, it’s good to know that someone needs you. That you are the one who can fill the emptiness in his heart, and that you are the only one who can tame him.

6. Yeo Joon-hee Heartstrings

He’s the type of guy who will make you feel beautiful. He appreciates your talents and is very supportive to the things that you do. He can also take care of you, by feeding you, even if you’re on a diet. He’s a band member and you can’t do anything but be proud of him. Even though you have a lot of competitors, you can be assured that you’re the only one in his heart.


            5. Tae-hwa, Stairway to Heaven

Tae-hwa is an artist. And it’s good to have an artist-boyfriend. Artists see things differently: they have a different perspective and they have a different way of handling things. He might be considered selfish by keeping Jung suh’s real identity from her, but what can he do? He wants to protect her from his mom and sister, and he loves her [in a way, he also did it to protect his sister from the crime she committed]. Later on, he decided to set Jung suh free so that she can be happy with another man. He even sacrificed his own life so that he can donate his eyes to her. HUHUHU.

  4. Kang Shin Woo, You're Beautiful

He’s the guy who will secretly help, protect, and love you without asking for anything in return. And sometimes, being beside you is already enough. He will make your heart tremble by serenading you. Aside from being a boyfriend, he can also be a bestfriend who is always there in times of trouble. You can talk about anything and share secrets with each other. You can even ask him to go shopping with you. He knows the perfect place to shop and has very good taste in fashion. You will feel like a princess, especially like Cinderella, if you have a boyfriend like Kang Shin Woo. Hihihi~


            3.  Prince Yang Myung, Moon Embracing The Sun

It was a really sad ending for Prince Yang Myung’s lovelife [on my perspective, okay?]. If he didn’t die, I’m sure there would be one less lonely girl [not really a Bieber fan, but I want to quote this line, hihi^^] on his era. He’s not difficult to love. He can be mischievous at times, but he’s really a very loving and wise person. Yeon-u’s smile is already considered as a treasure for him. It’s a good thing to have a boyfriend who also treasures your happiness, right?  

Even though he’s a very sincere person, there are downsides on his situation. First, one of his bestfriends is the brother of the girl he likes. I’m in doubt if Heo Yeom would want him for his sister though. And of course, another disadvantage is his own brother. Tsktsk. 

   2. Han Tae-seok, Autumn Tale

The Casanova. Oh yeah. That was before he met the greatest love of his life. He can be a heartbreaker, a player, a selfish spoiled brat, or whatsoever, but he proved how falling in love can change a person. He became selfless when he offered to help Eun-suh even after she chose his bestfriend over him. He gave her the strength and comfort that she needs, and stayed beside her on her most difficult journey. He was the one who’s always there for her, and he never left her side.  

1.       King Lee Hwon, Moon Embracing The Sun

For me, he is the title holder of The Ultimate KDrama Boyfriend. C’mon, he’s got everything. Aside from the perfect looks and overall charisma, he is also very wise in ruling his country. He is also the type of boyfriend who never fails to surprise his girl. He sees to it that his girlfriend is happy and well taken care of. He is also protective of his girlfriend, and gives her the justice she deserves. He gave his heart and loyalty to only one girl… wait, he fell in love twice, but with the same girl. His heart recognized her even under certain circumstances. So, who wouldn’t want a loyal and royal boyfriend?

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